by don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills

Today you can take a great step toward a return to love by healing your relationship with yourself. Love for yourself is the key to loving others. When your relationship with yourself is based on love and respect, your relationship with ...

Leaves_StockSnap_OX253EDR6RPractice idea for mastering transformation

by don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills

Think of a recent event in your life that caused you emotional pain. Then imagine this event from a “distant” perspective; that is, try to detach yourself emotionally from the actions–reactions that were part of this event.


Dandelion-pexels-photo-54300The first agreement

by don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills

The first agreement is the most important one and also the most difficult one to honor. It is so important that with just this first agreement you will be able to transcend to the level of existence I call heaven on earth.

The fir...

Stop trying to read minds

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, sits down with Oprah to share his thoughts on the third agreement: Don’t make assumptions. All the sadness and drama you have lived in your life is rooted in making assumptions and taking things personally. Find out...

Domesticación: Parte 2 de 2

En Los Cuatro Acuerdos, don Miguel Ruiz revela la fuente de todas las creencias que nos ponen límites y nos privan de alegría, creando sufrimiento inútil. Basados en la antigua sabiduría tolteca, Los Cuatro Acuerdos nos ofrecen un poderoso código de conducta que puede transformar...

Tom Brady and “The Four Agreements”

In this ESPN video that aired on national television, Brady says the principles in The Four Agreements have become a “mantra for his life.” Later on, in The Wall Street Journal article by Jason Gay entitled: “Meet Tom Brady’s shaman — the Patriots quarterback’s obsession...


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