Finding inner peace with two rules

by don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills

When you were born, a whole society of storytellers taught you how to be human. First they told you what you are — a boy or a girl — then they told you who you should or shouldn’t be. They gave you a name and a role to play in thei...

Celebrities like Tom Brady use “The Four Agreements” to navigate public scrutiny

by Rachel Perlmutter

Oftentimes, television, cinema, and sports figures are judged by others for incidents publicized in the media. Those viewing this information only get what is fed to them, not the whole story.

Celebrities cannot achieve and go on to maintain such high levels of ...

The beginning of human suffering

by don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills

When you are one, two, or three years old, you cannot see yourself. The only way to see yourself is to look at your image in a mirror, and other people act as that mirror, which means they tell you what they believe you are. You ...

Why You Should Not Take Anything Personally

In this short video, don Jose Ruiz sits down with Vishen Lakhiani and shares some advice about not taking anything personally.

Online course sample video (lesson 6)

In this sample video from The Four Agreements online course, we make a distinction between the reality that Life creates, and the virtual reality that humans create through the use of a language. Life creates what is real, and humans create stories about what is...

Why readers love “The Four Agreements”

Find out why readers of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz say it has changed their lives forever. Followers of Ruiz’s Toltec wisdom find themselves feeling more centered in their lives, and more truthful with themselves and others. Watch as readers express how they’ve...


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