Your wedding day

Your wedding day

by don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills

Imagine that today is your wedding day, the beginning of a new life for you. You are getting married, and the expectation of joy and happiness is in your heart. Imagine that you are the bride, God is the groom, and you are ready to live in an eternal romance with your Creator.

How are you going to treat your beloved? How are you going to treat the one who loves and accepts you just the way you are, who allows you to express yourself completely? How are you going to treat the one who never says an unkind word to you, who respects you so much that you can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, and feel whatever you want to feel?

Are you ready for this relationship? Are you able to love and give your love the way your beloved does? Can you allow your beloved to be who he is without any judgment, without trying to change him? Can you respect your beloved so much that you never have to tell him how to be, what to believe or what not to believe? Can you love him so much that you never put restrictions on the expression of his life or his spirit?

You can live the rest of your life in complete communion with your Creator, with love, so that you love for no reason. You can devote your entire life to love so that everything you say and do is an expression of love. Just like a marriage with your beloved, being married to love is a choice. Living your life with love is a choice.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how you would relate to the rest of the world if love was always moving through you. Imagine what you would say, what you would do, how you would feel. Imagine how you would relate to your mother or father, your spouse, your children, your friends, your boss or co-workers, to anybody on the street.

Imagine how you would treat other people if love was moving through you all the time. You live your life without judging or blaming others. Everyone looks beautiful to you and your whole reality changes. You never speak against anyone; the urge to gossip is over. You have nothing to say but words of love. Through the eyes of love, you see the greatness in all the people around you. It doesn’t matter what is coming out of their mouths; you can see what is behind their emotional wounds — behind the anger, the hate, the jealousy. You can see that all those emotions are the result of being abused — mostly by themselves, because of little or no self-love.

Imagine how you would treat yourself if love was moving through you all the time. How would you feel about yourself? What judgments would you have about yourself? If you began to treat yourself with love, can you imagine all the changes that would happen in your life? You would hardly be angry anymore. You would never be jealous of others. You could never feel hate for others. You would let go of any anger against anyone who had ever hurt you. You wouldn’t even have the need to forgive anyone because there would be nothing to forgive. Your mind would be completely healed if love was moving through you.

Now, remember your life before you were married to love. How many times did you judge yourself and make yourself feel bad? How many times did you speak against yourself — not only to yourself but to other people? What kinds of limitations did you place on the expression of your life? Where was the self-respect?

How did you treat your beloved before you married love? Where was the respect for the one you supposedly love? How many times did pride push you into conflicts with the people you love the most? If you can see the way you treated yourself and everyone else before you were married to love, you will surely renounce that kind of life. You will renounce fear, anger, sadness, jealousy. You will renounce suffering and emotional drama, and accept love and joy in your life. Are you ready for this matrimony?

Today could be your wedding day: the day you have a reunion with yourself — the real you. It sounds very simple, and it is simple, but we make it difficult because we limit ourselves. We are the ones who make our lives difficult and then blame everyone around us: our families, our friends, the government. Sometimes we even blame God. But we are the ones who create a living nightmare for ourselves. We don’t have to live our lives this way. There is another way of being, another way to relate to ourselves and everyone else, and that way is love.

Today is the perfect day to reevaluate your relationship with yourself, with your beloved, with your mother and father, your children, your friends, your job or business, your boss or employees. It is the perfect day to reevaluate your relationship with God. Today could be your wedding day; but to be ready for your wedding, you have to take care of unfinished business. You have to say “I love you” to all the people you love, and let them know that you want them to be happy. You don’t need to call them by phone, and you don’t need to suffer in this process either. To suffer is just a choice. To be happy and to live in a divine romance with life is also a choice.

Imagine yourself on the top of a mountain, merging with God, with all that beauty, with all that love. Wouldn’t you like to live like that for the rest of your life? You were created to react emotionally to the beauty of creation — to live in bliss and harmony with all of creation. But your story won’t let you live in that bliss, and my story keeps me in that bliss because I have chosen to love, to enjoy life, to give 100 percent of myself to make any dream come true. Today could be the most wonderful day of your life, the day you finally change your story.

In all the mystery schools, the wedding day is called the fire ceremony. The fire ceremony is the moment of enlightenment when we merge with life. It is the marriage with the one who created us, and therefore the day when the divinity returns to us.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine that you are ready for your wedding and that your heart is full of love. Imagine that today, your wedding day, will change your life forever in every way. You are going to devote yourself to the most wonderful relationship, to your union, or reunion, with the one who created you. Your beloved, God, is waiting for you at the altar, and you are going to express all the love you have in your heart.

Imagine your love radiating through your face, through your eyes, and through your heart. Feel your heart screaming, “I do. I accept you, God. I accept you, love. I do!” You feel a communion of love with the Creator, and you are ready to share the joy of your union with everyone. You surrender completely to the goodness of love and let everyone in your life know how much you love them. Just saying “I love you” is enough for you to experience your own divinity.

From now on, your life represents a union with God. Your life is devoted to love, to joy and happiness. Your heart is filled with love, and you no longer try to be happy. Your life has become easy and beautiful. This is heaven on Earth and it’s a choice you have made. Heaven on Earth is a wedding where God is the groom, you are the bride, and you live an eternal honeymoon.


Adapted from The Circle of Fire: Inspiration and Guided Meditations for Living in Love and Happiness. Copyright © 2001 by Miguel Angel Ruiz, M.D., and Janet Mills. Reprinted by Permission of Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc., San Rafael, California.



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