The Four Agreements – Lesson 1 of 10 – Imagine Living a Better Life

The Four Agreements – Lesson 1 of 10 – Imagine Living a Better Life

This video from The Four Agreements Online Course is an invitation to live a better life — a life where you experience more happiness and less suffering — a life without conflict, without guilt, without shame — a life where you are free to express the real you without fear of being judged by others — a life where you love and accept yourself just the way you are.

If there’s something in your life that’s making you unhappy, if you’re not living the life you want to live, you have all the power you need to change it. You can become whatever you dream of becoming; you can create whatever you dream of creating. The objective of this first lesson is to become aware that your true nature is unlimited, powerful, and free.

QUOTES from don Miguel Ruiz:

“Your true nature is a field of intelligence, and it’s inseparable from the field of intelligence that creates the entire cosmos. At the deepest level of our being, there is no difference between a human and a dog, or a human and a flea, or a fly, or a flower.” 

“What you really are is a force – and it’s the same force that creates the stars and manifests itself in infinite ways throughout the universe.” 

“The real you is unique and it’s beyond everything that you know. What you believe about yourself is just a story. It’s not real, and it’s not important unless you want to create a better story for yourself.” 

QUESTIONS for you:

Are you living your life the way you really want to live it?

Are you feeling powerless, stuck, or undeserving of the life you want to live? 

Read the book, take the course, and unlock the power of these deceptively simple agreements.

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