The Four Agreements – Lesson 8 of 10 – Stories, Superstitions, and the Power of Belief

The Four Agreements – Lesson 8 of 10 – Stories, Superstitions, and the Power of Belief

In this video from The Four Agreements Online Course, the objective is to become aware that during the process of domestication, you invest the power of your faith in everything you believe. Since then, everything you believe controls your life.

Everything you agree to believe becomes part of an invisible structure called a “belief system.” The belief system becomes the “book of law” that rules your life. It becomes the big judge in your mind, and you become its victim because first, it judges you, then it punishes you. With every agreement you make, the belief system grows stronger and gains more power until it rules your life like a tyrant.

QUOTES from don Miguel Ruiz:

“When you are a child, you are innocent. You ingest every opinion without questioning if it’s the truth. And by the time you grow up with all the opinions that you hear, the power of your faith is already invested in lies. This is how you lose power over your own life.”

“If you’re suffering, it’s because you’re telling yourself a story that isn’t true. The truth is that your story has become distorted. But you’re not the only one in that situation, and that’s the good news.”

“Once we can see that we are the one who creates the structure of our beliefs, this helps us to recover faith in ourselves. When we have faith in ourselves instead of the belief system, we have no doubt where that power comes from, and we base every choice of our life on the truth.”

QUESTIONS for you:

Do you believe in superstitions about yourself? For example, do you tell yourself the story of what you “should” be, but you are not? “I should be thin, but I’m not. I should be smarter, but I’m not. I should be happy, but I’m not.”

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