The Four Agreements – Lesson 6 of 10 – Words and Agreements: The Art of Humans

The Four Agreements – Lesson 6 of 10 – Words and Agreements: The Art of Humans

In this video from The Four Agreements Online Course, the objective is to become aware that every human is an artist, and our greatest art is the use of a language to create an entire virtual reality within our mind. Life creates what is real (truth), and humans use words to create stories about what is real (fiction).

Using words and agreements, we build an edifice of knowledge — an entire belief system that tells us what we know about ourselves, about life, about everything. With all the knowledge we accumulate, we no longer perceive what really is; we only see our own knowledge. Our belief system is just like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.

QUOTES from don Miguel Ruiz:

“All humans are programmed to perceive the truth, and we don’t need a language to do this. But in order to express the truth, we need to use a language, and that expression is our art. It’s no longer the truth because words are symbols, and symbols can only represent or ‘symbolize’ the truth.”

“Just being aware of the power of words and agreements will help you to create a better story. When you learn to use your word with awareness, you become a better artist. And when you learn to be impeccable with your word, your story becomes a masterpiece of art”

“During all the years we grow up, we make countless agreements with ourselves, with society, with everyone around us. But the most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves.”

QUESTIONS for you:

Have you questioned the agreements you’ve made with yourself about your appearance, your health, or how you should (or should not) behave based on your religious or philosophical beliefs?

Do these agreements you’ve made support you in living the life you want to live, or do they limit you?

Read the book, take the course, and unlock the power of these deceptively simple agreements.

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